July 27, 2017

Government says it will take 600 days to release terms of Bombardier loan

OTTAWA, ON – The Trudeau government says it will not release the terms of its loan to Bombardier until 2019, according to a response to Conservative Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre.   In February 2017, the Trudeau government loaned Bombardier $372 million. The following month, Bombardier’s executives were caught giving themselves bonuses and raises up to 50%. Intense scrutiny in …

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July 25, 2017

Rideau Watershed floodwaters

Friends and Neighbors, Yesterday brought record rain to our community. We got almost as much rain in one day as we normally get in a month. The Ottawa Airport got 79 (mm), more than the previous 30-year record of 59 mm. The Rideau Watershed is swelling and floodwaters continue to submerge farm fields and fill some basements in the Kars, …

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July 14, 2017

$10.5 million to a terrorist? Sign the petition to say no

Trudeau government quietly paid $10.5 million to Omar Khadr   Last week, the Liberal government was caught quietly giving convicted and confessed terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5 million of taxpayers’ money.   This is reprehensible. Canadian taxpayers did not force Omar Khadr to fight for the Taliban in Afghanistan, nor did we imprison him in Guantanamo Bay. Additionally, Canadian soldiers who are …

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June 28, 2017

Happy Canada Day – the BNA is Canada’s DNA

  July 1st is the 150th anniversary of the British North American Act, or BNA. The BNA is Canada’s DNA. It transformed 650 years of British parliamentary democracy designed for a small island in the old world into a vast new federation in the new one. It needed no high-minded ideals about rights and freedoms because it was understood that …

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June 22, 2017

Federal government sticking Ottawa Hospital with extra costs to be located at Sir John Carling Site

OTTAWA, ON – The federal government will force the Ottawa Hospital to cover the extra costs associated with building at the Sir John Carling Site, despite overruling the previously-chosen location and forcing the hospital into that location, documents quietly tabled in Parliament yesterday confirm. The answers, received by Carleton Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre, are the latest in a string …

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June 16, 2017

Prime Minister Trudeau re-announces light rail funding provided two years ago by Conservative government

OTTAWA, ON – Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau re-announced $1 billion for stage two of Ottawa’s light rail transit system, even though it was originally announced two years ago by the previous Conservative government. The following is the reaction from Conservative Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre:   “Apparently the Prime Minister wanted to get in a few more selfies and …

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June 7, 2017

Surely anarchy would break out in the streets if the government didn’t approve of little girls selling lemonade!

  Last year, two little girls started up a lemonade stand to raise money for summer camp, but they were shut down by the government because they did not have a permit. This year, the current government has produced a permit application form for these young entrepreneurs, with 10 conditions and eight additional conditions that requires they also report all …

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