OTTAWA, ON – Today Alex Nuttall, MP for Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte and member of the Industry Committee, and the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, MP for Carleton and Opposition Critic for the Treasury Board, are calling on the Liberals to invite Bombardier executives to appear before the Industry Committee.


Bombardier has been the subject of considerable attention ever since it asked the federal government for a $1 billion bailout. This amount would match what the Quebec government has already announced. The federal Liberal government was prepared to give Bombardier $1 billion with strings attached, but Bombardier refused.


The Conservatives believe that the status of the negotiations must be available to the public as well as the Industry Committee so that taxpayers can understand where their money may be going.


Bombardier was first requested to appear before the Industry Committee by Conservative MP Maxime Bernier, but the Liberal majority on the committee voted against this request. Conservative MP Alex Nuttall then requested that Bombardier appear before the committee on June 7, 2016 as part of their manufacturing study, which the Liberals supported. However, Bombardier did not reply to the request to appear on that date, and as of today have not suggested an alternative.


“Bombardier is asking for a bailout mere months after one of its Vice Presidents admitted a bailout would be ‘an extra bonus that would be helpful but is very clearly not required,’ and after giving lavish executive salaries and bonuses that could have been used to hire more Canadians into good-paying jobs,” said Poilievre.


“Not only is Bombardier asking for a $1 billion handout from Canadian taxpayers, it will not even appear before a public, parliamentary committee to answer questions,” Poilievre said.


“This shouldn’t be a ‘behind closed doors’ decision. When Minister Bains appeared before the Industry Committee he told us that he would value any input we had on the deal. The only way we can provide that input is if the Liberals invite Bombardier representatives to appear before committee,” said Nuttall.


“It is dumbfounding to think that after the Liberals promised to be the most open and transparent government ever, they have no problem engaging in secretive negotiations with Bombardier for a billion-dollar bailout,” Nuttall said.


“We urge the Liberals to call Bombardier to appear before the Industry Committee,” Nuttall and Poilievre concluded.