In 1991, a brilliant and athletic Michelle Stilwell became paralysed by a terrible accident and was condemned to a wheelchair.

    She decided not to let it keep her down. In fact, she went on to compete in multiple paralympic games in which she was successful at securing six gold medals and one silver, in addition to multiple world records.

    On top of that, she is a minister in the British Columbian government, a member of the legislature in that province, and a mother. She is one of over a million disabled Canadians who works. She is an inspiration.

    Unfortunately, she is retiring from her athletic career, but fortunately, she will continue to serve the people of British Columbia as a minister and a member of the Legislative Assembly.

    We wish her well in her athletic retirement and we look forward to working with her for continued service for people all across this country by an inspiring Canadian. Congratulations to Michelle.