Ottawa, ON –Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics, Michael Barrett and Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, Pierre Poilievre announced today Conservative caucus support for a Special Anti-Corruption Committee to combine the efforts of multiple Parliamentary investigations into the WE scandal.

While they await the establishment of the new anti-corruption committee, MP Poilievre and MP Barrett also pledged marathon sittings this week to overcome Liberal filibustering. In the last ten days, Liberals have shut down or talked-out three committees to avoid investigations into the WE scandal.

“We will not stop,” said MP Barrett. “The complete disregard the Liberals have demonstrated towards the essential work of Parliament and the Prime Minister’s habitual ethics violations is deeply alarming. Conservatives will not stop until the entire truth is exposed,” added MP Barrett.

“We need an anti-corruption committee to get the truth in the WE scandal,” said Poilievre. “Trudeau shutdown Parliament and is now trying to paralyze committees, preventing Canadians from getting to the truth on his half-billion-dollar payment to a group that paid over half-a-million dollars to his family.”

The Finance Committee will meet Thursday of this week and Conservatives will push for the Ethics Committee to meet this week.

As soon as the new anti-corruption committee can be established later this month, Ethics, Finance and the additional committee investigations can seamlessly fold into it, allowing those committees to return to their normal work.