Conservatives Seek Ethics Commissioner Probe of Trudeau Chief & Advisor


Ottawa, ON – Michael Barrett, Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics, and Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, sent a letter to the Ethics Commissioner regarding potential Conflict of Interest Act violations stemming from Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff’s spouse lobbying PMO Senior Advisor Mike McNair.

“In the repeated act of lobbying by Trudeau’s Chief of Staff’s spouse, Rob Silver, for changes to the wage subsidy program that would benefit his employer, MCAP, multiple Conflict of Interest Act violations may have taken place,” said MP Barrett. “It has become clear that a triangle of influence occurred during this lobbying effort, with the key players being well-connected insider Liberals.”

As Canadians have seen with Justin Trudeau’s $900 million WE scandal, the Liberals used the pandemic in order to benefit their interests, instead of focusing on helping Canadians.

“There appears to be a Silver Triangle: Rob Silver lobbies a “volunteer” PMO advisor, who helps him intervene with the Finance Minister’s office. Then Silver’s spouse gives that advisor a full-time job. The Commissioner must probe whether McNair and Telford respected the law,” said Poilievre who was responsible for passing the Conflict of Interest Act into law as Treasury Board Parliamentary Secretary in the previous Conservative government.

You can view the letter here. (EN)

You can view the letter here. (FN)