Government of Canada moves forward with changes to airfare advertising

Government of Canada moves forward with
changes to airfare advertising

OTTAWA — The Government of Canada will proceed with regulations requiring Canadian air carriers to include all fees and taxes in their advertised prices.

The Honourable Steven Fletcher, Minister of State (Transport), and Pierre Poilievre, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, today announced the coming into force of clause 27 of An Act to Amend the Canada Transportation Act and The Railway Safety Act and to Make Consequential Amendments to Other Acts (the Act). The Canadian Transportation Agency will now proceed with developing regulations regarding airfare advertising.

“We want it to be easy for Canadian consumers to figure out which deal is really the best for them,” Poilievre said, “instead of having to pull out a magnifying glass to read the fine print, or a calculator to figure out the actual cost at the end of the day.”

“Our government is committed to enhancing consumer protection while promoting fair competition by ensuring greater transparency of advertised airfares for Canadian travellers,” said Minister Fletcher. “This will allow consumers to easily determine the full cost of airfares in order to make informed choices.”

Clause 27 of the Act provides for the making of regulations requiring a carrier to include in the price advertised all costs to the carrier of providing the service and to indicate in the advertisement all fees, charges and taxes related to the service that are collected by the carrier on behalf of another person.

The Canadian Transportation Agency will begin the process of drafting regulations, including consultations with stakeholders. The regulatory process is expected to take approximately one year.