Harper Government Making Life More Affordable
for Canadian Families

March 24, 2014

Ottawa, ON – Recently, Statistics Canada published their Survey of Financial Security, confirming that Canadian families are better off today under our Conservative Government than under the previous Liberal Government.


Since 2005, Canadian families have seen their net worth grow 44.5%. In fact, from 2005 until 2012, the largest increase in net worth occurred for families in the middle income bracket. These numbers reflect the outcome of our government’s low tax plan which puts more money where it belongs – in the pockets of Canadians and their families.


We know that raising a family can be expensive However, our government’s focus on controlled spending, low taxes and balancing the budget by 2015 is making life more affordable for Canadian families. Because of initiatives like the Children’s Fitness and Arts tax credits, the Universal Child Care Benefit and lowering the GST from 7% to 5%, the average family is now able to save almost $3,400 per year.


Proof that this Conservative government supports Canadian families is in the numbers:

  • We have cut taxes over 160 times.
  • The number of Canadians living below the Low Income Cut-off is at its lowest level ever.
  • One million Canadians have been removed from the tax rolls, including 380,000 seniors.
  • 1.4 million Canadians are no longer living in poverty, including 250,000 children.
  • After-tax disposable income has risen by 10% across all income levels since 2006.
  • We have increased the amount families in the two lowest personal income tax brackets can earn before paying taxes.  All of this confirms that this Government is making life more affordable for Canadian families


Our government is also taking additional steps to support Canadian families by addressing the price gap between goods sold in Canada versus the United States. Statistics Canada estimates that, in 2011, Canadians were paying about 25% more than consumers south of the border for identical products. This price difference can significantly affect the cost of living for Canadian families, which is why we will ensure that discriminatory, country-based pricing will be prohibited.


Finally, this Conservative government is helping families by embarking on the most ambitious trade agenda in Canadian history. Since coming to office, we have negotiated numerous free trade agreements, including an agreement with the European Union which will create approximately 80,000 jobs. More recently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement, which will also create thousands of new jobs and open up new markets for Canadian business. The elimination of tariffs from these nations means lower costs for Canadian families at the stores.


The Leader of the Liberal Party is not on the right track for Canadian families. He would massively increase the size of the federal government by ballooning national debt or increasing taxes on Canadian families. On the other hand, our Conservative low tax plan is making life more affordable for Canadian families while moving towards a balanced budget.


Pierre Poilievre MP