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May 1, 2014

I am pleased to help the OSU (Ottawa South United) soccer club raise funds to build a new sports community building to be located in my riding.

The OSU is the second biggest soccer club in Canada with approx. 7000 members and they will be kicking off their 11th season later this month.

Planning is underway to make 2014 the best year for the club. In fact, I am told that OSU has already sent off a number of players to Europe and abroad. Recently, OSU has been working on plans with the City of Ottawa to construct a Community Building dedicated to soccer in South Ottawa.

I am extremely proud and honored to been asked by OSU to become the Chair of this fundraising initiative for the George H. Nelm Soccer Building to be constructed at their soccer pitches located on Mitch Owens Rd right beside St. Mark Catholic High School in my riding.

I am passionate about making sports and fitness available to our youth. In the past, I worked with the late Jim Flaherty to deliver the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. Now, we must improve local sports facilities for our kids.

As they say things don’t just happen on their own, they are the result of the work of dedicated people who take charge and leadership. On that note, I am pleased to see the Executive Team of OSU leading the way in soccer development in our community.

Please mark Monday, May 12th on your calendar for further announcements on this worthwhile fundraising campaign.

Join me in making Football history in Ottawa in 2014.

Pierre Poilievre
MP for Nepean-Carleton and
Fundraising Chair of OSU 2014 – George H. Nelm Building