OTTAWA, ON – Today Carleton Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre questioned the government’s refusal to provide documents outlining the impact of its carbon tax on low-income Canadians.


Poilievre formally asked the government through an Order Paper Question for its analyses of the impact of its carbon tax. Order Paper Questions allow for Parliament to obtain specific, technical answers to questions from the government.


Poilievre sought answers to questions like how the carbon tax would impact low-income families, whether there would be different impacts in different provinces, and by how much the government estimated the costs of bills like electricity, heating, and groceries would be increased due to the carbon tax. The government failed to provide answers to any of the questions.


“I asked some very simple, straightforward questions of the government about the impact analyses done regarding their carbon tax, specifically the Ministers of Environment, Employment and Social Development, and Finance,” Poilievre said.


“A carbon tax will raise the price of everything,” said Poilievre. “It’s estimated to cost a family of four $4112 per year. Where does the government expect families will get this money?”


“Surely the government must have analyzed the impacts of its carbon tax before announcing it,” Poilievre said. “We know this because secret Finance Department documents warned Finance Minister Morneau that the carbon tax would ‘cascade throughout the economy.’ The government must release all of the analyses it conducted regarding the impact of its carbon tax,” Poilievre concluded.


Speaker Geoff Regan said he would review the discrepancy and report back to the House.