OTTAWA, ON – Today Carleton Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre released the following statement, in reaction to documents tabled in the House of Commons this week regarding the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus:


“The Liberals’ interference in the location of the Ottawa Hospital’s new Civic Campus has been political from the beginning. This is more proof that they’re making it up as they go along.


“First the Liberals overturned the chosen location for the new hospital. Then they punted the issue to the National Capital Commission but rejected its recommendation, and now we’re seeing the flaws in the Sir John Carling Site.


“For example, no land preparation cost estimate was completed when evaluating the potential sites. How can the government choose a location for a new $2 billion hospital without knowing whether the land is ready or capable of supporting a hospital?


“The government also acknowledges that the site is contaminated and says it will cost at least $11 million to fix it. However, they are still in discussion with the hospital about which organization will pay for it. If the hospital is stuck with the bill, that’s at least $11 million that will come out of patient care and frontline services.


“It’s clear the Liberals are making this up as they go along. This was entirely preventable if they had just stuck with the hospital-preferred location of the big open field across the street from the current campus.”




Read the government’s response to questions from MP Poilievre here:

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