Ottawa mother joins MP to fight for fair treatment of military parents with multiple kids


OTTAWA, ON – Today Member of Parliament for Carleton and Opposition Treasury Board Critic, Pierre Poilievre, called on the government to update child care reimbursement policies to better accommodate single parents with multiple children. He was joined by Captain Kellie Brennan, a soldier of over 25 years and single mother of eight kids, who brought the issue to his attention.


“Today I am calling on the government to update its policies to better accommodate hardworking, exceptional single mothers like Captain Kellie Brennan,” said Poilievre.


“Kellie Brennan is tasked on a one-year military course. She will spend time in Toronto away from her Ottawa home and her eight children.


“While away from home serving her country, Kellie’s kids will need child care. Unfortunately, the current reimbursement policy is just $75 per day, regardless of the number of children needing care. In Kellie’s case, that’s just $3.13 per hour or 39 cents per child per hour. It is completely inadequate for Kellie’s children.


“It would appear that the policy is an honest oversight, designed for the majority of parents who have a small number of children. I have no doubt that when Ministers Brison and Sajjan learn of this case, they will adjust the policy to bring fair treatment to military families like Kellie’s.


“When Kellie brought this injustice to my attention, I studied it and on Friday, I wrote to the President of the Treasury Board and the Minister of National Defence asking them to work with me to fix it.


“The solution is to allow a higher child care reimbursement for single parents with larger numbers of children. On Mother’s Day, it is the least we can do.”