OTTAWA, ON – Member of Parliament for Carleton, Pierre Poilievre, hosted the second Carleton Youth Advisory Board meeting on Wednesday, August 23rd at Osgoode Youth Association on Osgoode Main Street. The meetings will be held in all parts of the riding in an attempt to accommodate the transportation needs of all students in Carleton.

This time around, MP Pierre Poilievre chose to change the program and shake things up a little bit. There was a soccer match to start off the activities, followed by a light lunch and group discussion on current events.

“The soccer match was an excellent way to start off the meeting. The kids really got involved and there were roughly 25 players, which was great,” said MP Poilievre. “The kids had lots of questions for me and it’s important for me to stay connected to the youth and see their perspective on issues.”

The next meeting is to be confirmed but watch Poilievre’s Facebook account for updates or call his office at 613-692-3331.