One month until FIFA World Cup 2014!

May 12, 2014

For immediate release

In my previous press release on May 1, 2014, I indicated I would be making a follow-up announcement and here it is!

Today we launch the countdown to the 2014 World Cup in the Capital. Rideau Carleton Entertainment Center (a.k.a. Rideau Carleton Raceway) along with Ottawa South United will be broadcasting, for 32 days, on 32 large screen televisions, the World Cup being held in Brazil. The 32-country competitions will be aired live, 24 hours a day, in their new ground floor facility now called the “Ottawa Soccer Central”.

To mark the World Cup, the Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre along with embassies of participating nations will be hosting cultural nights, showcasing the host country’s heritage. This will give Ottawa residents the opportunity to sample food and drinks from any of the 32 countries participating in the World Cup this year. Information on these destinations will also be made available to all those attending.

Bringing World Cup celebrations to Ottawa is just the first step to increasing Canada’s involvement in the World’s most popular sport. As we prepare to host the Women’s World Cup under 21 at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa next year, we will have the chance to showcase Ottawa’s finest food, drink, hospitality and our most talented up and coming athletes.

Over the course of the 2014 World Cup during the months of June and July, Ottawa South United will be hosting soccer tournaments at the RCEC facility on Albion Road between local soccer clubs. Friendly soccer games between embassies on the weekends will also be held.  Schedules for these events will be published as we kick off the World Cup in June.

All of these events are part of a fundraising initiative by the OSU to raise much needed money to finalize the construction of the George H. Nelms Soccer Club House on Mitch Owen Road, next to St. Mark’s High School. OSU has already shown its commitment to developing the sport of soccer in the Nation’s Capital by putting down $1,000,000 in trust with the City of Ottawa in 2013 and is now campaigning to raise the remaining $800.000.

Please join us, starting June 12, 2014, at the Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre on Albion Road during the World Cup games and help raise the roof on the George H. Nelm Soccer Building.

Pierre Poilievre
MP for Nepean-Carleton and
Fundraising Chair of OSU 2014 – George H. Nelm Building


Jean Larose
GM for RCEC and
Fundraising Vice-Chair of OSU 2014 – George H. Nelm Building


For media inquiries please contact:
Andy Wang
Office of Pierre Poilievre, MP for Nepean-Carleton