OTTAWA, ON – Today Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre made the following statement on being appointed the Official Opposition Critic for Work and Opportunity by the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition:



“I would like to thank the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Rona Ambrose, for naming me the Conservative Critic for Work and Opportunity.


“Our country thrives when people are free to pursue opportunity through hard work. During the previous decade in Canada, middle class incomes hit record highs and poverty hit record lows as a result of a low-tax entrepreneurial agenda.


“That proves that a good job is the best anti-poverty plan, and strong families and communities are the best social safety net.


“Unfortunately, government is now getting more expensive and bureaucratic. As always, the burden will fall heaviest on those with the least. Big government punishes work with taxes, blocks social mobility with needless red tape, and crowds out the charitable sector with the welfare state. Meanwhile, wealthy elites with lobbyists and lawyers get most and pay the least.


“It is time to fight back, champion the underdog, and promote greater opportunity for those working for a better life. That is my mission.”