OTTAWA, ON – Today Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre responded to the National Capital Commission’s recommendation that the new Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus be located at Tunney’s Pasture:


“For seven years, the Ottawa Hospital assembled an expert panel to methodically select the best location for a new campus. It scored sites based on land area, location, ambulance access, and space for future expansions. By far, the best option was a big open field right across the street from the current campus.


“By contrast, the hospital twice rejected Tunney’s Pasture. It scored lower on ‘land area,’ ‘land access,’ proximity to the 417 highway, ‘future expansion’ prospects, and ‘land preparation.’ It also received lower marks due to the higher impact of moving patients, equipment, and personnel from the old Civic Campus to the new location.


“Yet, at the behest of the Liberal government, the National Capital Commission, which has no health care expertise, is forcing the hospital to move to exactly that location. This also goes against the recommendation of Public Services and Procurement Canada.


“What will it cost? Hospital estimates suggest it will be hundreds of millions of dollars to demolish the existing buildings. Who will pay for this? Did the government consider these costs in choosing the Tunney’s Pasture option? Where will the public servants currently working there go? These are significant questions that need to be answered.”