February 19, 2013
Poilievre Honours Young Diabetes Activist with Diamond Jubilee Medal

Osgoode, ON — On February 19, Pierre Poilievre, Member of Parliament for Nepean-Carleton, was at the Osgoode Public School, where he presented Eric Currie with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. This recognized Eric for his work in raising awareness about diabetes.

“I met Eric late last year when he came to Parliament Hill as part of the Kids for a Cure day on November 27th,” said Poilievre. “I was inspired by his positive spirit and drive to teach the world about diabetes, while also raising money to find a cure. I am honoured to be here today to recognize Eric for everything he has done for diabetes, and for everything he will do in the future.”

At the age of five, Eric was told that he had Type 1 Diabetes, but was reluctant to tell his friends for fear of being singled out and teased. With the help of his mother Natalie, who also lives with this condition, Eric was soon able to accept his situation, knowing he is not alone. At the age of six, Eric and his family decided they would join the Walk for Diabetes to raise awareness and funds for a cure. While Eric was collecting donations, he discovered that few people fully understood diabetes and its different types. He decided that he would become an ambassador for the Walk, in order to enable him to further educate people and raise money year-round. He has raised $8000 so far and is looking forward to participating in more diabetes-related fundraisers this year.

“We are so proud of Eric and all that he has accomplished since discovering that he has Type 1 Diabetes,” said Natalie Currie. “I remember how scared he was initially and it is so inspiring to see this transformation, and even more wonderful that he is being publicly recognized for his efforts.”

“When I first got diabetes I was afraid, but then I realized how many lives I could change,” said Eric. “Now I am positive about having diabetes and it really makes a difference.”

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal was created to celebrate Her Majesty’s accession to the Throne 60 years ago. This commemorative medal is a tangible and lasting way to pay tribute to 60,000 Canadians whose achievements have benefited their fellow citizens, their community, their organization and the country. It provides an opportunity to look back and honour those who helped make Canada what it is today, and to look forward and recognize youth who are actively involved in our country’s future.

(L-R): MP Pierre Poilievre, Eric Currie, Councillor Doug Thompson

(L-R): MP Pierre Poilievre, Eric Currie, Councillor Doug Thompson

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