Poilievre launches petition to fight Liberal carbon tax cover-up

OTTAWA, ON – Today Carleton Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre launched petition e-910, demanding that the Liberal government cancel the carbon tax and end the carbon tax cover-up.


The cover-up started in October 2016 when the Trudeau government announced its plan to impose a carbon tax on Canadians, families, and businesses. At first, when MP Poilievre asked the government how its carbon tax would affect low-income families, the government said it didn’t know. However, documents later revealed through the access to information system show that the government does know, but it is covering it up.


The House of Commons is expected to vote on ending the cover-up on March 7, 2017. Canadians can sign the petition to add their voices to a growing number of people demanding an end to the cover-up.


“This issue isn’t going away,” Poilievre said. “Canadians deserve to know what the Liberals’ carbon tax will cost them. They deserve to know how much this will add to their heat, hydro, and grocery bills. At first the Liberals implied they had no such information. Then when I discovered that the data did in fact exist, the government admitted they do have the data, but they don’t want to reveal what it says.”


“It’s time for the government to end the carbon tax cover-up and show Canadians, businesses, and families what the carbon tax will cost them,” said Poilievre. “I encourage everyone to sign the petition and contact their Member of Parliament to demand that the government end the carbon tax cover-up.”


Canadians can sign the petition at https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-910 between now and June 28, 2017.