March 20, 2013

Poilievre Presents Plan for Barrhaven ‘Garden of Heroes’
MP, RCMP and Legion will work together to create war memorial

Barrhaven, ON — Despite an enormous population and growing Legion membership, Barrhaven does not have a community cenotaph. Over the years, many solutions have been considered, but due to the cost of private land in Barrhaven, nothing has been feasible until now. Pierre Poilievre, MP for Nepean-Carleton, announced Tuesday that there has finally been a break-through in making this community dream a reality, a plan which will proceed pending approval of the Barrhaven Legion.


“Last year, I sat down with RCMP Superintendent Greg Peters and successfully convinced the national police force to provide land at the RCMP Headquarters for the cenotaph in honour of Barrhaven and South Nepean Veterans,” said Poilievre. “This means that the largest obstacle for creating Barrhaven’s cenotaph, finding affordable space, has been overcome. Additionally, I have confirmed with the Minister of Veteran’s Affairs that this project will qualify for matching funds under the Community War Memorials Program. I am excited to be working in partnership with the RCMP and Barrhaven Legion to see this project to completion.”


The partnership between the RCMP and Barrhaven Legion will go even further. The proposed location will also include the Commissioner MacLeod Statue dedicated to fallen RCMP officers, some of whom fought for Canada abroad. “The RCMP is looking forward to working with the Barrhaven Legion on the final design, to ensure that the ‘Garden of Heroes’ reflects a spirit of respect and remembrance,” said Superintendent Peters.


The Barrhaven Legion will be responsible for all costs associated with the construction and installation of the cenotaph, including materials, labour and fees. To assist with fundraising, the RCMP Foundation has agreed to accept donations on behalf of the project, enabling all donors to receive a tax receipt for their contributions.


Comrade Ernie Hughes, Past President and Acting Chair of the Long-Term Planning Committee for Legion Branch 641, said “Pierre has presented us with a plan that has so many benefits for us and the community. With the cost of land taken care of, the fact that donors can receive tax receipts plus the possibility of receiving federal funding for the project, we could not be in a better place.”


Because the site is at the RCMP headquarters, additional benefits will include free grounds keeping, the ceremonial presence of RCMP officers at remembrance events and approximately 3000 free parking spots available to the public on Remembrance Day.

MP Pierre Poilievre, Barrhaven Legion President Ed Schelenz and RCMP Superintendent Greg Peters

MP Pierre Poilievre, Barrhaven Legion President Ed Schelenz and RCMP Superintendent Greg Peters