OTTAWA, ON – Today the Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Member of Parliament for Carleton and Critic for the National Capital Commission, reacted to the announcement that the Liberals are putting the NCC in charge of the location of the new Ottawa Hospital Civic campus:


“The Liberals have put the National Capital Commission in charge of picking a hospital location. ‎Normally, health care professionals and administrators make those decisions.


“The pretext for putting the original location on ice was that agricultural scientists at the experimental farm objected to it. The NCC is responsible for neither farming research nor health care, so it is not equipped on either count to make this decision.


To pass the buck to the NCC is a face-saving attempt to avoid admitting that then-minister John Baird got the location right in the first place. As the old hospital building decays and other Ontario cities compete for scarce capital funds, Ottawa Liberals are wasting time and money trying to avoid that inconvenient truth.”