OTTAWA—Carleton Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre, is pledging an all-out campaign to oppose Liberal tax hikes in his role as Shadow Minister of Finance. Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer, announced Mr. Poilievre’s new role as part of the new Leader’s first Shadow Cabinet.

“I would like to thank Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer, for the appointment. It is a great honour,” said Poilievre.

“I will have three main priorities in the new role. First, I will fight Liberal tax increases. The Trudeau government has raised taxes on home heating, beer, gas, wages, and small business—and it has only been two years. Most of these tax hikes are regressive, hurting people who can least afford it. Second, I will fight for a return to a balanced budget. The government is forcing middle class taxpayers to fund interest on government debt, providing a steady stream of income to wealthy bondholders.

“That brings me to my third priority: to oppose government handouts to the undeserved rich. Taxpayer-funded bailouts of incompetent corporate executives, loan guarantees to shield billionaire investors from financial risk and interest payments on growing government debt all have one thing in common: they take from working class taxpayers to give to the super-rich. That widens inequality, deepens poverty and is just plain wrong. Conservatives will oppose welfare for the wealthy and propose free market alternatives that free people from poverty, ensure it pays to work, and allow everyone to get ahead on merit.”

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