OTTAWA, ON – Tomorrow Carleton Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre will urge the health committee to examine why the Liberal government has delayed construction of the new Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus.


The previous Conservative government accepted the decision of a hospital-appointed expert panel, which studied twelve locations and recommended the federal land across the street from the existing campus. Since forming government, the Liberals have slammed the brakes on the location and they have asked the hospital to provide multiple options for a future location. The hospital provided four options with a full analysis of each, but still not satisfied, the Liberal government then moved the matter over to the National Capital Commission for a decision, even though the Commission has no expertise in health care.


Poilievre tabled his motion in June, but the House of Commons rose a week early.


“Tomorrow I will ask that the health committee study the government’s delay of the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus,” Poilievre said. “I will be asking the committee to examine why the government is delaying construction, and call individuals to be held accountable for their actions.


“Health care is a responsibility of the provincial government, so it’s extraordinary that the federal government is delaying the construction of a new hospital,” said Poilievre.