OTTAWA, ON – Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau re-announced $1 billion for stage two of Ottawa’s light rail transit system, even though it was originally announced two years ago by the previous Conservative government. The following is the reaction from Conservative Member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre:


“Apparently the Prime Minister wanted to get in a few more selfies and photo ops before summer arrives, so he’s taken up re-announcing announcements Conservatives made two years ago.


“Orleans Member of Parliament Royal Galipeau made this announcement on behalf of our Conservative government almost two years ago, on July 27, 2015. We committed to funding up to $1 billion for stage two of Ottawa’s light rail through the new Public Transit Fund.


“In fact, here are some of the responses following our announcement:


“Thank you very much federal government.  It’s essentially what we asked them for and it shows us the same level of commitment they’ve made to other municipalities. It’s good.”

Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor

“This is great news for Ottawa. LRT will transform Ottawa for generations to come.”

OC Transpo Chair Stephen Blais

“I’m delighted that the federal government in on board with stage 2 of LRT.”

Mayor Jim Watson


“Prime Minister Trudeau is a former teacher. He should know that taking credit for someone else’s work is wrong. While we’re happy to see the Liberals re-announcing our announcement from two years ago, we would prefer he focus on lowering taxes for Canadians,” Poilievre concluded.