Response by the Shadow Minister of Finance Following the Government’s Economic and Fiscal Projections

OTTAWA, ON – Today Conservative Shadow Minister of Finance Pierre Poilievre released this statement, following the government’s Update of Long-term Economic and Fiscal Projections:


“Today’s projections show that the government intends to keep piling up the debt until 2045 – only 25 years longer than they promised. It also warns of cost pressures from our aging population. The government’s solution? Keep adding debt.


“Justin Trudeau inherited a balanced budget and has turned it into more than a quarter century of deficits.


“Justin Trudeau will be a 74 year-old man relaxing on a beach on Billionaire Island before the budget is balanced. He is going to leave our next generation with the bill for his reckless spending. Canada’s Conservatives will be there every step of the way to oppose this government’s tax hikes,” Poilievre concluded.