Union makes “sacrifices” to advocate for Palestinian State – Enhanced Version

Pierre Poilievre, MP for Nepean-Carleton, speaks in Canada’s House of Commons on November 30, 2012:

The postal union has a new idea to improve conditions for mail workers: create a new Palestinian state…. In South America.

A group of union leaders tried to use a taxpayer fund meant for postal workers to travel to a Brazilian beach town for a radical anti-Israel conference.

But make no mistake. While the mailman is carrying parcels through the snow, his union bosses are making sacrifices of their own.

According to the union’s memo on the beach-town junket: “participation in this trip may require walking for extended distances and sitting or standing for long periods of time.”

Mr. Speaker, those sunset walks along the beach can be oppressive. Brothers and Sisters will need to show solidarity in applying sunscreen to one another in between chants of “down with Israel”.

Now that Canada Post has said it will not fund the trip, will workers have to pick up the tab through forced union dues?

As the unions slogan courageously says: “the struggle continues”.