Video – “The Root Cause Of Terrorism Is Terrorists”

April 26, 2013

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Nepean—Carleton, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, yesterday, a small army of Liberal pseudo-intellectuals had a collective spasm after I said that terrorists are the cause of terrorism. The Liberal leader had touched off the debate when he said that the Boston bombings happened because someone “feels completely excluded”.

However, were the Tsarnaev brothers excluded? The United States included them by sheltering their family with formal asylum from the war-torn Dagestan. The younger terrorist was included in a quality education at a state-of-the art school, which boasts an amazing 11-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, after which, the city gave him a $2,500 scholarship. America also included the older terrorist, Tamerlan, with a taxpayer-funded welfare benefit that continued even after the main U.S. counterterrorism agency had added him to its watch list.

Excluding these facts is not the mark of a nuanced intellectual, but of an ideologue who is in over his head. Let us follow the facts, not Liberal ideology, and let us target the root cause of terrorism, they are called terrorists.